Happy bluebell season – from Epping Forest!

So, it looks as if it's safe to 'officially' declare it 'bluebell season'! The very beautiful bluebells are putting on their breathtaking, annual display in Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park in Epping Forest.

We're delighted to welcome visitors to this part of the Forest to share in this spectacular display of nature at this time of the year. However, may we request that you stick to the designated paths (marked out with the logs) to ensure that the bluebells are not stepped on. And of course, as with all wildflowers in the Forest, please do not pick the bluebells.

We know it's great to get a photograph amongst the bluebells, but it is possible to create this effect by careful positioning (on the paths!)

If you love the bluebells, as we do, and would like them to be there to enjoy next year, and for future generations, please help us to conserve them by observing these simple rules.

Thank you, and happy bluebell season!

Link to the Epping Forest website

Friends celebrate Wanstead Park’s iconic bluebells

Friends of Wanstead Parklands held a 'bluebell day' in Wanstead Park on Sunday in anticipation of an impressive bluebell display this year. Though later this year due to the prolonged cold spell, it is anticipated that the bluebells will be more impressive than ever thanks to recent rainfall.

Friends of Wanstead Parklands held a guided walk that was enjoyed by over 30 people to explore the flora and fauna of Wanstead Park.

Volunteers also hosted a nature club for children where 20 families enjoyed a walk around the wood, stories and crafts.

Vice Chair of Friends of Wanstead Parklands, Jo Blackman, said: "everyone's looking forward to an extra special display of bluebells this year. We were delighted to organise two events for those who wanted to learn a bit more about the park and its nature. We're grateful to our fantastic team of volunteers and ongoing support and interest from the local community."


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Wanstead Park Summit offers potential breakthrough on lottery funding

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