“Trees in the landscape” exhibition launches at The Temple

Sunday (26 November 2017) saw the launch of the Wren Wildlife and Conservation Group’s latest photographic exhibition at The Temple in Wanstead Park.

On the theme of "Trees in the Landscape", the aim is to show off the interest and variety of our local landscape captured by local people. Wren Group Chairman Tim Harris was delighted by the interest it attracted from local photographers. He said –

“More than 250 entries were submitted for consideration - all of a very high standard - so whittling the number down to 21 proved to be highly challenging”.

Members and supporters of the Friends of Wanstead Parklands were among those invited to submit images: not just of mature trees in all their beauty, but trees as part of the ecosystem: trees exhibiting the birds, insects and fungi which depend on them, trees in their different seasons, details of tree structure such as bark and leaves, trees and how people interact or use them, and trees within the landscape.

Before the launch event, Tim Harris led about 30 people on a walk around Wanstead Park. They looked at one of its quirkier trees, the Wellingtonia on the Plain (planted in 1965 in memory of Sir Winston Churchill, who had long sat as Member of Parliament for Wanstead and Woodford) before visiting the stream now carrying water from Perch Pond into The Dell once more. Then they viewed a small group of Teal on the Ornamental Water through a telescope, discussed the tilt of the Cedar of Lebanon, and headed back to The Temple.

At least 50 people gathered to view the selection of 21 photographs and sample the fine baking of Wren Group members Gill, Jane, Jo and Marion. Tim Harris introduced the exhibition, and Epping Forest artist-in-residence Marion Sidebottom talked about about her project and the importance of trees.

Tim Harris said –

“The launch of "Trees in the Landscape", was a great chance for a get-together over tea and cake. Thanks to all those who entered photographs, to Tony Morrison for printing and framing them, for Gill, Andrew and Alan for hanging them, and to all those who shared in the fun today”.

He concluded –

“The exhibition will run into the New Year, so please come along and take a look. And thanks also to the City of London for letting us use the ground floor of The Temple”.

List of the images chosen for display

1. Rose Stephens: Parakeet nesting site

2. Lesley Midda: Pollards in Epping Forest

3. Sue Ullersperger: Mossy trunk 4. Jonathan Lethbridge: Wanstead Flats sunrise

5. Paul Ferris: Small-leaved elm seeds

6. Kathy Hartnett: Alder catkin

7. Ros Mykura: Hornbeam in Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park

8. Andrew Spencer: Beeches, Epping Forest .

9. Ron Andrews: Chingford Plain, Epping Forest

10. Kath Trotter: Perch Pond, Wanstead Park

11. Jackie Morrison: Wanstead Flats urban view

12. Kathy Hartnett: Birches in mist, High Beach

13. Gill James: Children playing in sweet chestnut tree

14. Adrian Ryan: Chestnut Avenue, Wanstead Park

15. Tony Morrison: Mist in Warren Wood

16. Dave Gordon: Beautiful decay: sulphur tuft and scaly beech tree fungi

17. Ron Andrews: Mount Pleasant, Epping Forest

18. Gill James: Moving a log, Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park

19. Tony Morrison: Wanstead Flats crow

20. Jackie Morrison: Snowy bridge in December in Wanstead Park

21. Liz Floyd: Snowy tree

Between October and March, The Temple in Wanstead Park is open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.